Monday, February 7, 2011

Official "Global-Cyber" Book Launch: FEB 16th!

We are gearing up for the official global-cyber book launch of “Your Green Family Blueprint” on FEB 16th, 2011!!!

What does “global-cyber launch” mean? It’s certainly not your traditional book launch!

I am excited to have joyfully partnered with over 20 individuals, organisations and businesses for the book launch.  They are doing incredible work in their areas in Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada – work she believes is of high value to families interested in sustainable living.

On the day of the launch, they will all work together to share the news about the launch – literally across the globe. That means people just like you will learn about my book, have a collection of amazing “go-to” resources all on one page and upon purchasing the book, have access to gifts and prizes totaling over $1,400!

On the day of the launch – a new page will open on this website, displaying the partners, the prizes and gifts they have contributed to the launch (all value for you!) as well as the many amazing promotional partners.  Mark it on your calendar to make sure to come back on the 16th!

Sign up to the right for the book free preview and receive a reminder of the event all for free! Or check on Feb 16th!

See you soon!  To your green family success!

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