Monday, January 31, 2011

Sustainable Seafood warms my heart!

I was on Commercial Drive in Vancouver doing some shopping the other day and was on the look out for a seafood store. One of the cool things about "The Drive" is instead of having one store with everything, there are shops which specialise in one thing: the butcher, bakery, green grocer for fruits and veggies, the deli for yummy sandwich and pizza meats, the seafood store etc etc.

So I stumbled onto a shop that sold seafood and walked in hoping that at minimum, they would have wild salmon so I could buy some for dinner. To my amazement and excitement, the ENTIRE store sold seafood that is in compliance with The Vancouver Aquarium's "Ocean Wise" seafood guidelines!


I walked out with a beautiful, fresh sockeye salmon fillet and was so excited to have found a store that matches my ethos for seafood. No more searching. No more awkward questions. No more disappointment.

I will be back! Thanks so much guys!

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