Monday, February 14, 2011

Featured on Vancouver's Daily Gumboot!

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This is what they had to say about me:

My Three Favourite Things About Tracy Are…

1. Her Book Launch! This is a timely GTKYC, folks. Tracy’s book – Your Green Family Blueprint - hits the bookshelves this week. On February 2, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the book when my sustainability class eaxmined transportation, toxins, food, and lifestyle through the lens of a green family. I’ve seen a lot of people tackle “green” in myriad ways; making an environmental impact within the family is so powerfully simple and I hope that people reading this take a minute to examine their family’s environmental blueprint.

2. Powerful Public Speaker. Tracy started her presentation with the way every good presentation starts: with a story about a cariboo in the arctic. The engaging narrative set the stage for a dynamic presentation that Tracy masterfully facilitated, weaving humour, ideas, facts, data, and a passionate sense of urgency into the talk.

3. Unrelenting Passion. Tracy really, really, really, really cares about what she does. From greening families to gluten-free pancakes you can feel her energy. And it makes the people she talks to care about Environmentally Friendly Families, too. She is an uncontainable force of intelligent positivity that I feel lucky to have connected with. And you will too when you see her speak and/or read her words.

As told by John Horn…

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