Monday, February 28, 2011

My March Nutrition Challenge

For the month of March, I'm joining my training mates at my Crossfit Gym on a month long nutrition challenge. Because of this I thought I'd focus my posts in March on - you guessed it: FOOD!

I firmly believe that each of our bodies have different nutritional needs because we are each unique.  I know my body well and know that I cannot be a vegetarian. It just doesn't work for me. I was vegetarian for several years so it's a well earned conclusion.  Since I'm a sustainability advisor, I understand well that meat has a huge impact on greenhouse gas emissions, water use and land uses. I also know that our consumption of seafood also impacts these areas too (as well as contributing to the overall decline of certain seafood species).

To put it simply, all of the food we eat in developed nations impacts water use, land use, and has issues associated with its growth, transport and disposal which include toxins, pesticides, agricultural practices that diminish soil quailty, top soil erosion, mono-cropping, genetically modified foods, and finally the social side: corporations vs. farmers.  There is no escaping the impacts - they are a reality.

The key is to inform and empower yourself to make better choices that reduce the impacts. Voting with your wallet is one of the most powerful things you can do!!! Informing and empowering is what I hope to help you with this month!

I haven't watched this yet but it's on the top of my list for this weekend and suggest it's a good place for all of us to start.
To your health and your green family success!
Tracy xo

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