Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Latest Green Pet Peeve

One of my biggest pet peeves is to find really great, healthy, organic, non-toxic products that come in non-recyclable wrapping!  I would hope that these companies would take a broader systems view instead of making an awesome product and then put it in packaging that cannot be recycled!  ARGH!

Lately, my biggest beef has been with toothpaste.

One of my favorite toothpaste brands comes in a metal toothpaste tube but I have no idea how/if it can be recycled!? So I went on a recon trip to the local health food store and took a closer look at the tooth paste tubes.  I would say less than 40% of the tubes I found were recyclable...actually, that's being generous!  Why? We need a mind-shift in packaging!

Now that I'm back in Canada, I cannot get my favorite one from Australia which came in a recyclable container: 

I will be on the prowl for natural toothpaste that comes in a recyclable container as soon as mine runs out! Any suggestions are welcome!

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