Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Sustainable Living Book for Families with a “how to” twist Reaches #1 on Amazon.com

Tracy Lydiatt, The Green Families Guru is excited to announce the recent success of her official book launch for her book, Your Green Family Blueprint on Amazon.com.

Ms. Lydiatt says, “On the morning of the first day of the book launch, I’m very excited to announce that my book Your Green Family Blueprint, went to #1 position in the category of Sustainable Living books on Amazon.com” 

Participating in the launch were important partners that helped rocket the book to the #1 position in the Sustainable Living books category.   Book launch partners included businesses, organizations and individuals from Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Canada. All partners were selected because they contribute through different but complimentary facets, working towards the creation of a sustainable society and added value to families and individuals interested in greening their families.

Many of the eco-friendly, green books available currently focus on the ‘what’ to do to green your family.  They are an important part of the equation although many families are time-poor and become easily overwhelmed by so much information on going green.  Often, they tend to give up because they do not have the time to read, digest, synthesize and apply the information to their family in an easy, practical way.  Ms. Lydiatt’s book adds a new twist to the going green movement by taking the ‘what’ to do and empowering families on ‘how’ to make it work for them with easy, breezy practicality.

Your Green Family Blueprint is published by Vervante Inc. and distributed through Amazon.com
Retail Price: $21.99 USD
ISBN-10: 1450742033
ISBN-13: 978-1450742030

For more information about Your Green Family Blueprint, please visit: http://www.thegreenfamiliesguru.com/book/

To your green family success!

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