Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If I hear this one more time....

If I had a dollar (heck $10) for every time I've heard someone say, "Why should I care!? I am just one person, I won't make a difference", I would be well on my way to being very wealthy!

Yes, you might be one Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, or Friend to someone but guess what - you influence them whether you want to or not! So, I often encourage people - whether this is in a business/corporate setting or as individuals that you cannot save the world alone but you can sure take a look at who/what you influence and see if there are things you can do differently! (I'll be posting more later about this topic specifically).

Here is how we look at "The System" from the broadest perspective - the planetary one. See - you are but one person yes, an Individual within a Family system.  That Family sits within a Community which might be a local town, parents group, civic group, church group or all of the above.  The Community is part of Society - yet another sub-system - within the biggest system, the Biosphere. Without the Biosphere we'd be goners!

What's in the Biosphere?
...just to broadly name a few important things.

So as an individual you can do the following:
1. Look for areas you have influence over and can make changes easily
2. Look for further support from your family and friends
3. Look to the "communities" you are involved in for support and collaboration opportunities
4. Look how you can contribute to creating a sustainable society (more details on this later)
5. Remember we are all connected to the Biosphere. We need it to be strong and healthy.

Here is a small "spoof" video that I think you might enjoy to further illustrate my point:

Tracy Lydiatt
The Green Families Guru

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