Friday, March 12, 2010

The Day My Bike Beat A Car

I am not a particularly great bike rider.
My bike is not a super fast bike - as you can see it's yellow, has a wide seat, fat handlebars and a basket.
It also has red tulips on it (anyone cringing yet?)

I love it and wanted to tell a story about leading by example in my own life. This photo is from Cottesloe Beach in Australia but the story is from a small town in British Columbia where I used to live.

My partner and I were invited out to dinner at a friend's place a couple of years ago just after I finished my Masters degree in Sweden. So - after catching the "biking bug" in Sweden, I told my partner I was going to bike to dinner. My hometown is NOT big (~10,000 people) and from where we were staying, you could walk to our friend's place in about 25 mins. A bit long for us as we often run a bit biking was the next best option in my mind. Not so much for my partner!

So I said fine - you drive, I'll bike.

And....guess what?

I beat him there! We even left at the same time!!!  It was so exciting to me. He got stuck at one of the two traffic lights in town and I cruised on (safely down some back roads). I felt so good when I got there - blood was pumping and I felt alive. He was quite surprised and amused I beat him. Point taken I think.

I LOVE biking because it's such a great way to connect with your surroundings and I notice a lot of different things I wouldn't normally when I bike in Perth where we live and one of my favorite things about it is during the spring/summer the air smells sweet from all of the flowing plants, bushes and trees. I certainly don't smell that while sitting in traffic waiting for the light to change.

Ask yourself - is there somewhere you can you bike to today? (or for those in the Northern Hemisphere - schedule a bike tune up and ask yourself the same question once the weather gets a little bike friendlier).

Tracy Lydiatt
The Green Families Guru

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