Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Day I Embarrassed My Partner Over Plastic Wrap

I like to shop at the non chain stores in our local area - often in our case it's IGA (unless I'm at a farmers market on weekends).  I love the fact they are continually expanding their organic and local produce section but my blood used to boil every time I'd go to buy organic veggies.

This is what I would see.


This is a hostage of our screwed up system! LET ME OUT - can you not hear that beautiful organic bell pepper screaming!?

My local IGA *used* (yes, thankfully in the past tense) to do this - they would styrofoam tray and plastic wrap individual ORGANIC veggies for sale.

Finally, after a month or so of feeling totally angry while shopping I decided to say something to the manager. My partner was SO embarrassed and I think he would have run out of the store if he could have.  I think to his relief the produce manager wasn't in when I inquired but we did have a lengthy phone call when the manager responded to my concerns several days later.

I made some suggestions and countered a lot of his arguments about identification and theft of produce and flat out told him how angry and defeated I felt trying to make a conscious choice about buying organic food only to be rewarded with creating plastic wrap and Styrofoam waste. Not to mention the HUGE savings IGA would make from cutting out the need to buy miles of plastic wrap and trays.....

About 2 weeks later I noticed all of the organic veggies had been liberated and if you chose to, there were brown paper bags available for your use with the veggies.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  I mentioned it to a friend and she said it had made her just as angry and frustrated - to the point where she had gone and made a complaint too!

If you think you cannot make a difference - think again. 

Veggies not your thing - check out this guy's efforts...

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