Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eco-friendly art supplies

Very cool ideas for little coloring hands...I'm a bit distracted at the moment trying to finish off my ebook final draft so apologies for the lack of regular posts.

From Inhabitots writer Julie Knapp:

Designer Timothy Liles delivers a new twist on a toddler staple with Crayon Rings. A brilliant idea — these crayons, made locally in New Hampshire, are shaped to fit around fingers. Kids will love slipping one or five on to scribble, and they’ll literally always have their crayons on-hand for impromptu art projects.
+ Crayon Rings $50 set of 8
+ Timothy Liles

Clementine Art
Clementine Art covers all the bases with their all-natural supplies, and made history by being the first art product company to disclose every single ingredient on their packaging — you won’t find any synthetic preservatives, petroleum bases or animal byproducts in their supplies. The products are innovative beyond their eco-friendliness, too. Crayons come in two fun to hold shapes, modeling dough is fruit-scented, the washable glue is versatile enough to use on fabric, paper and wood, and both quick-drying markers and paints are colored with Mayan mineral earth pigments.
+ Clementine Art Supplies (available for purchase at Whole Foods)

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  1. I love this. I want to put this on my blog as well. Fantastic info!