Friday, September 30, 2011

VLog: My Rubber Boot Dilemma

I live in a rainy city - Vancouver, BC in Canada where the amount of raindrops we receive each year is enough to shift our perceptions in fashion. What do I mean? Here in this lush, green, wet city we, the women of Vancouver, wear rubber boots as a fashion item. I have heard many non-native residents comment about it saying, "only in Vancouver!" Even though I love my city and want to think we're unique, I highly doubt that it's only here as many other cities are pretty wet too.  The great thing is there are many styles, colors and patterns to choose from - everything to warm a fashionistas heart!

So in gearing up for my first winter here in 3 years, I have been faced with the "green" dilemma of purchasing rubber boots. I have resisted and resisted because they are a product that most often than not, when they reach the end of their useful life, spring a leak or just go out of fashion they are thrown away. So how many pairs of rubber boots do you think are sitting in a landfill somewhere in rainy North American cities, dying a very slow death and likely contributing to the destruction of nature through needing space in the landfill or leaching man-made materials into the soil and water as they break down? Not a pretty picture.  
So what is a girl to do?
1. Purchase 2nd hand boots, 100% recycled content boots or new boots from a company that will recycle them for you
Kamik Boots
Fanshoe by Vanderbilt
Raven Tactical Ware - Outdoor Range
2. Find a company that will recycle your old boots:
- Smile Plastics (UK)
- 'Old Wellies' (can be sent to Dunlop Footware in the UK) Mr R Harrington, Recycling Depot, Dunlop Footwear Ltd, Hazeldene Road, Liverpool, L9 2BA
- You will find organizations in need of recycled rubber on online recycling sites such as or Earth911.
- Contact your local municipality and inquire if they will take rubber products for recycling
Tracy Lydiatt is an award-winning sustainability advisor, educator and #1 bestselling author passionate about green/sustainability empowerment and change. Connect with her at and hop onto her free ezine or sign up for her 7-Day Going Green Challenge hosted online.

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