Sunday, August 21, 2011

VLOG: Frustrated with Lip Gloss

Happy August! I hope you are doing well on your "going green" journey - as always, my intention is to connect with you and provide as much value and support as I can so you can create the most healthy lifestyle possible (read: green) without going broke or crazy in the process.  This month, I have decided to try something new and provide you with a V-Log (short for video log) about a topic and then share some resources and links afterwards.  I'd love to hear what you think so do write and let me know! 

VLOG: Frustrated with Lip Gloss 

There was actually a warning on the back of this product about carmine which is a food additive that is believed to be linked to hyperactivity and asthma. In addition, there were two kinds of parabens in the product which I do my best to avoid.  Parabens are preservatives that keep fungus and bacteria at bay in a wide variety of cosmetics and hygiene products. The Environmental Working Group points out that research on rats has shown both chemical families [phthalates and parabens] to be carcinogens. A 2004 study published in the journal Reproductive Technology linked phthalates with reproductive anomalies, and a study published that same year in the Journal of Applied Toxicology detected parabens in breast cancer tissue (Source Environmental Working Group Article: Beauty and the Beasts, April 2007).

To check up on ingredients or what is in your products visit the following website: Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

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