Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Principles of Successful Manifesting

Enough of the fight today -  The reality is that often times, we feel completely small, overwhelmed, burnt out, confused and just plain tired of putting up a good fight in an attempt to be good green families. Thank you to Stef - a friend and coach of mine - for his always inspiring words! Enjoy your day and remember to just be. 

As we travel through the imagery of life we eventually arrive at a silent place of being where we stand at the cliffs edge overlooking a vast ocean of inquisition. The power and force of rhythmic tides are enchanting enough for life to simply pause still. The warm gentle breeze of questioning takes us to a place of confusion, solitude and often pain. we question our existence, our journey, our choices, our friendships, our actions and reactions, our passions and our faiths. We then more often than not become encroached in fear; we become paralyzed when motion is required. If we move deep within ourselves and connect with the rhythm of life’s pulse we can evaluate circumstance from an extremely powerful and productive vantage point. - Stef Sifandos

The Principles of Successful Manifesting

Tracy Lydiatt - B.Sc, M.Sc
The Green Families Guru

p.s. Remember you can do this, it begins with a single step and lasts a lifetime
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